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2017 NAMI Michigan Honors

We are proud to announce that
MI Healthy Mind was nominated and recognized as A Hero of Mental Health!

It’s Time To Remove The Stigma: Let’s Talk About It!

MI Healthy Mind is a 30-minute TV talk show with a focus on all things Health and Wellness, particularly in the mental health and behavioral sectors. Seasoned hosts, Elizabeth Atkins and Michael Hunter explore a vast range of subjects (addiction,

depression, bipolar, autism etc) with valuable insights and lively conversation from popular entertainers, experts, athletes, and other newsmakers. But most important, MI Healthy Mind showcases real people, “the heroes” who have

overcome and triumphed over their mental health issues. In the wake of incredible loss, or adversity, these people found a way to turn personal tragedy into hope.

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” — Helen Keller


Imagine being accustomed to seeing the world in all its bright, technicolor beauty. And then…you can’t. You’re blind. It’s a loss that goes far beyond the loss of your vision—being plunged into a world of physical and emotional darkness, where you can’t find your way out.

We meet Jeff Hawkins who talks about his slow, progressive descent into blindness, and his initial reaction to losing his sight. While terrifying and debilitating at first, Jeff shares insights he gained about these new challenges and what allowed him to move forward in life.

MI Healthy Mind sheds some light on the mental and emotional effects of acquired blindness, and how Leader Dogs For The Blind can help lead you or someone you love out of darkness.

Margo Siegel, LMSW, PLLC discusses the definition of legally blind, how people are coping with the psychological impact of vision loss, as well as how psychotherapy can lead to solutions for anxiety, depression and grief.

Watch this week as Mi Healthy Mind delves into Jeff’s world as he overcame his fears, pursed his dreams and found joy in his life again. And how he ultimately came into the light…with a little help from his friend, Gracie.
This is truly a story of the Triumph of the Human Spirit!

Let’s Talk About It!


Addiction, abuse, mental illness, suicide… MI Healthy Mind has been exploring these sensitive issues for nearly two years, showcasing real heroes who have overcome these crushing obstacles, and presenting experts who provide the resources for our viewers to find the help they need.
Let’s Talk About It!

Myths and Truths: Health Issues of American Indians

The story of the American Indian is filled with historical myths and modern day truths. On this episode of MI Healthy Mind, we explore the truths and explode the myths of this fascinating and resilient community who have specific challenges that are direct products of their culture, biology, history and policy.

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Safe Space

Drug addiction, suicide, abuse, human trafficking… join us for conversations that may change your life! We’re shining a courageous spotlight on difficult topics with people whose triumphant stories will inspire. And our experts will give you the tools to change your life. Wellness begins in the mind, and our motto is the first step to achieving that: “Let’s talk about it!”


Compassionate, engaging and energetic, Michael Hunter and Elizabeth Atkins speak from experience as they guide guests through strong, honest conversations about issues that could have crushed them, but instead made them stronger.  Join Michael and Elizabeth to celebrate wellness in mind, body and spirit!


Each week on MI Healthy Mind we interview individuals who triumph over challenges of mental health, find experts to learn more about how to get help for others dealing with similar issues and provide those resources for viewers.

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Show Highlights

  • Our motto is, “Let’s Talk About It!”
  • We showcase real people triumphing over tragedy to inspire others.
  • We provide a safe forum to discuss difficult topics such as addiction, mental illness, and health problems.
  • Our goal is to inspire viewers to feel they’re not alone, that help is available and that treatment works.
  • MI Healthy Mind is judgement-free.
  • Our experts provide resources and tools for everyone to achieve wellness in mind, body and spirit.


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